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Last year, WILDLABS published the first global, community-sourced assessment of the State of Conservation Technology, which evolved from our annual community survey. Take the 2022 survey to help us build from this...

14 September 2022


Hi EveryoneJust FYI that right now we now have a SigFox gateway running to create an IoT network at the Los Amigos field station in lowland Peruvian Amazon.  Amazing forest,...

26 August 2022



Hi everyone!I'm currently working with FFI (Fauna & Flora International) in São Tomé and Príncipe, and a bunch of 'problem' camera traps from the field site have been...

26 September 2022


Hi Wildlabs,I am Sebastian the project manager for FishID. We are currently in the last stretch of...

15 August 2022


So, what makes a good camera for an autonomous camera trap for insects?We use a web camera in our system, which seems to work well a lot of the time, it produces...

21 September 2022



Conversations & Questions

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Hi Maximilian,I am also very much interested in the instructions, so please send me an email as well at [email protected] would like to adapt your camera setup to work...
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Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects 3 hours 10 minutes ago
Hi Carly,There are no built in automatic drop-off mechanism for the tags. We do have customers that have purchased and incorporated the tag into different types of harness and...
Biologging, East Africa Community 7 hours 16 minutes ago
Oh, if you are interested in SDGs and citizen science interaction, I've got another for you! Given the design challenge, you might actually also check out two papers written about...
Citizen Science 1 day 12 hours ago
As already mentioned by Tom in the first post, we are using the OAK-1 (OpenCV AI Kit) camera in our insect-detecting camera trap. You can find more info about the hardware here....
Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Sensors 1 day 22 hours ago
Great work Luke @sheneman! Having a relatively lightweight bit of hardware to run MDv5 on will open up opportunities for many more people. The upfront financial cost of a Jetson...
Camera Traps 2 days ago
Hi Jim,Not my area of expertise, but have you considered FTP with a web based client?Two options I found quickly are Net2FTP (which can be installed on your own server) and...
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Citizen Science, Software and Mobile Apps 2 days 4 hours ago
I am looking for a small logger that can collect humidity, temperature, and light levels while being hung from a fishing line over a cliff...
Biologging 2 days 11 hours ago
I only really know about the audio side of things, not sure about incorporating video too. Raven may be something to look into? From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. There's a...
Acoustic Monitoring, Citizen Science, Data management and processing tools , Open Source Solutions, Software and Mobile Apps 2 days 11 hours ago
My most prized camera trap image - a hummingbird caught on camera!
Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects, Camera Traps 2 days 12 hours ago
I would agree that primates probably aren't your biggest concern, animal-destroyer wise. At least in the Malagasy rainforests, lemurs are highly arboreal so if you have trail cams...
Camera Traps 2 days 12 hours ago
Hi Roland,This is really amazing, great to hear about your set-up! I'm just wondering what the overall cost was to set up this system? Just thinking in terms of setting up...
Biologging, Build Your Own Data Logger Community, Camera Traps, Connectivity, Emerging Tech, Sensors 2 days 12 hours ago
Thanks so much!!
Acoustic Monitoring, AI for Conservation, Biologging, Camera Traps, Community Base, Data management and processing tools , Drones, eDNA & Genomics, Emerging Tech, Open Source Solutions, Remote Sensing & GIS, Software and Mobile Apps 2 days 13 hours ago

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Frontier Labs

Creators of seriously good bioacoustic recorders. Celebrating 10 years of excellence in bioacoustic tech in 2021

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Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks)

am an Information Technology and GIS Expert and Lecture for the Department of Parks & Wildife in Zimbabwe

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Master´s degree student

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University College Dublin

I am a builder of imaging systems and ready for any kind of challenging endeavours like imaging on a boat around the world (done!). Polymath

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Allen Institute for AI

Communications for EarthRanger and Skylight

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Serendipity Wildlife Foundation

CEO, Serendipity Wildlife Foundation

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Ronan Wallace

Ronan Wallace

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Research Scientist applying conservation technology in environmental monitoring and cultural preservation.



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A guy on the way to its way.

Rowan Curry

Rowan Curry

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data scientist & conservation enthusiast volunteering for the felidae conservation fund

Julian Richardson

Julian Richardson

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AI Researcher, mostly NLP, with 30+ years experience

Tyus Williams

Tyus Williams

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UC Berkeley PhD Student studying carnivore ecology and spatial ecology

Ideas & Updates

The device could help scientists explore unknown regions of the ocean, track pollution, or monitor the effects of climate change.

26 September 2022

Map of Life (MOL) and the Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change are seeking a Software Engineer who is interested in developing new technologies to support effective global biodiversity education, monitoring,...

26 September 2022


Nature is in crisis. Together we can save it. Come and join one of the largest technology functions in Europe, whose sole purpose is to save nature. 

23 September 2022




NSF Activate Fellowship

26 September 2022



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