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Become a WILDLABS group manager!

Are you interested in getting more involved in the WILDLABS community? Do you want an opportunity to build your network and get more connected to other conservation tech folks in your field? Apply to be a group manager!

We’re seeking volunteer group managers for subgroups on WILDLABS to curate vibrant spaces where people in conservation tech can get help, connect with peers, find support, and meaningfully engage within a niche group. By volunteering to manage a WILDLABS group, you’re helping build a network of engaged communities within the larger conservation tech community, all while creating a more interconnected, sustainable, and well-resourced field!

What makes a good group manager?

Group managers play a very important role in WILDLABS. They are:

  • Active in the conservation tech community
  • Well-versed in the subject of their group
  • In-the-know on relevant news, new technologies, and emerging opportunities
  • Eager to connect with others 
  • Able to commit 1-2 hours per week to being a group manager
Perks of being a group manager 

By volunteering to be a group manager for a WILDLABS subgroup, you’ll:

  • Have 12 months to make an impact in your area
  • Build a more well-connected conservation tech community 
  • Increase your exposure in the community
  • Give back to and support the sector
  • Connect with others in your field 
  • Have a direct line of communication to the WILDLABS team
  • Feed into WILDLABS feature development
  • Join a small community of other group managers on Slack
  • Leverage the power of WILDLABS through speaker events like Variety Hour
  • Earn a special badge to distinguish your leadership role
Group manager roles and responsibilities

A group manager’s role can be broken down into two key responsibility areas: inspire engagement and liaise with the WILDLABS team. 

Inspire engagement
  • Regularly start conversations (Minimum 1x a week)
  • Back-channel communication to connect members (As needed)
  • Engage in other users’ conversations (Minimum 1x a week)
  • Organize events, such as virtual water-cooler chats, monthly catch-ups, etc. (Minimum 1x a quarter)
  • Help the group form good habits, like reminding members to engage on The Inventory (As needed)
Liaise with the WILDLABS team
  • Join a monthly group call with other WILDLABS group managers
  • Regularly share updates, questions, and concerns with WILDLABS Community Specialist
Becoming a group manager
Application Process

Those interested in becoming a group manager should fill out an application. The application helps us get a better sense of which group you want to manage, what your goals are for being a group manager, and any ideas you might have for engaging the group.

Group manager training

If the WILDLABS team thinks you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to you and ask you to join our group manager training call. In this 1-hour training session, we’ll go over:

  • The community lifecycle
  • How to create an action plan
  • What resources are available to you
  • Expectations and responsibilities

Drop questions, comments, or concerts in the comments section or reach out to @alexrood or @StephODonnell!

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