article / 28 October 2020

RSEC Journal: Ecoacoustics and Biodiversity Monitoring

The Acoustic Monitoring community is one of the most active spaces on WILDLABS, and this particular aspect of conservation technology is rapidly growing, offering new ways to answer large-scale environmental questions as the scale of data collection increases. In this special issue from Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation, you'll find the latest reviews and research articles regarding large scale and long-term acoustic monitoring projects, and how this ecoacoustic data can address questions across entire ecosystems rather than species-specific issues. Read more about this issue here on the RSEC blog, and download the issue here.


Read the RSEC Special issue: Ecoacoustics and Biodiversity Monitoring here.

Interested in learning more about large-scale acoustic monitoring and the future of using acoustic data to answer big environmental questions? Check out our Acoustic Monitoring Virtual Meetup, and visit the Acoustic Monitoring community here on WILDLABS for more resources and in-depth discussions on bioacoustics research and innovations.

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