article / 9 February 2024

WILDLABS Awards 2024: Meet the judges

The conclusion of the WILDLABS Awards 2024 selection process is imminent! Our external judging panel is currently deliberating to determine the 14 chosen projects. Meet them!

After receiving nearly 200 applications for the 2024 WILDLABS Awards, 47 applications were forwarded to Arm for eligibility verification. We narrowed down the shortlist to 30 finalists, and right now that shortlist is being evaluated by 10 external judges.

🧑‍🎓 Each judge is an expert in the conservation technology sector with many years of experience.

🌍 The panel has a diversity of gender, nationalities, and conservation technology specialisations to mitigate for similarity bias. 

❓ They have been evaluating applications based on three criteria: project feasibility, team capacity, and contribution to the technology sector.

Tonight (9 February 2024), the judges will make their final deliberations and will select the 14 awardees. 

Awardees will be contacted next week, followed by an announcement to the general public. 

Meet the judges:

  • Nicole Flores: Nicole is the former Managing Director of the Wildlife Insights platform and now serves as Conservation International's Director of Land Use Targets, spearheading the development of tools for scaling natural climate solutions.
  • Jes Lefcourt: Jes is the director of the EarthRanger program at the Allen Institute for AI where he combines his engineering expertise with his love of animals to build solutions for the protection of wildlife and their habitats.
  • Meredith Palmer: Dr. Meredith Palmer heads the Conservation Technology team at the international wildlife NGO Fauna & Flora International to support the innovation and application of technology tools for applied conservation impact. 
  • Dan Morris: Dan is a Research Scientist for AI for Nature and Society at Google. Prior to Google, he worked with remote sensors, used computer vision to accelerate biodiversity surveys, and led hardware prototyping and signal processing projects.
  • Fran Baker: Fran leads Arm's Impact strategy and works as Director of Sustainability and Social Impact to connect Arm's business capabilities to societal responsibilities.
  • Stephen Marsland: Stephen Marsland is a Professor of Mathematics and Data Science at Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand and leader of the AviaNZ bioacoustics research project.
  • Rosalie Tribe: Rosalie works in Sustainability and Social Impact at Arm, where she leads Arm's ESG and sustainability reporting and their social impact and innovation partnerships.
  • Eric Becker: Eric is a conservation engineer at WWF, where he researches and develops sensor based systems to detect poachers in protected areas in Africa and Asia to stop wildlife crime. 
  • Elle Wibisono, PhD: Elle is a Indonesia Fishery and Science Fellow at Conservation International, where she leads the science pillar and communication effort of the Blue Halo S initiative.
  • Omar Torrico: Omar is the Regional Conservation Technology Specialist for the Americas at Wildlife Conservation Society.


About the Awards 

With $60,000, $30,000, and $10,000 grants available for 14 outstanding projects, the support of engineering and technology talent from Arm (the leading semiconductor design company), and access to the world’s biggest conservation technology community, the WILDLABS Awards are a powerful opportunity for users and makers of technologies for nature to take their projects to the next level.

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