Career Opportunity /  22 July 2022

Postdoc: Environmental Remote Sensing

Professor Nathalie Seddon, Professor Yadvinder Malhi (University of Oxford)

Deadline: 22 July 2022 - the deadline has passed.
Oxford - United Kingdom

Full advert attached to this post and can be found here.

"We are seeking a natural scientist with expertise in Earth Observation to work in research at the frontiers of using remote sensing tools to assess ecological function and diversity. Working as part of a large interdisciplinary team that spans different departments and research programmes, the goal is to determine how to monitor the effectiveness of nature recovery and nature-based solutions in the UK 

Key activities will include 

  • 1) Create robust natural capital maps of the UK by developing and improving existing Python modules that combine multiple datasets. 
  • 2) Explore the potential of the latest Earth Observation sensors (e.g. multispectral highresolution data from Planet, lidar data) to advance our ability to map ecosystem/habitat condition and biodiversity metrics 
  • 3) Collect and analyse drone imagery to explore the potential to map biodiversity and ecosystem condition at fine scale, as a way of testing and further refining satellite products 
  • 4) Work with team members who have expertise in machine-learning (and in partnership with Google) to map detailed vegetation structure (height, canopy cover/density) at national scale, including identify hedgerows, field trees, scrub, and whether a woodland is dense or open 
  • 5) Integrate these Earth Observation derived metrics into national maps of ecosystem type and condition."
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