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Postdoc: Remote sensing of invasive alien trees & ecosystem degradation in Cape Floristic Region

Tammy Robinson-Smythe, Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch - South Africa

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"While satellite remote sensing of invasive alien trees in the Cape Floristic Region shows great promise2,3, as yet there is no operational system providing frequent monitoring updates, and the methods used to date have not been able to deliver the level of detail required by managers. There is potential to extend the project to investigate other types of land degradation relevant to the Cape Floristic Region observable using remote sensing. 

This collaborative project between Stellenbosch University, the University of Cape Town and the South African Environmental Observation Network aims to build on ongoing research, such as the RReTool ( and Ecosystem Monitoring for Management Application ( 4) projects, and capitalise on the opportunity to explore new sensor technologies provided by the NASA BioSCape campaign (, to improve our ability to map and monitor drivers of ecological degradation such as alien woody plant invasions in the Cape Floristic Region."