discussion / Early Career  / 6 March 2024

Introduction and Potential Networking

Hello everyone!

I joined WILDLABS to meet fellow conservationists and network, as I am currently hunting for a job within the realm of wildlife conservation. The aspects that I'm most passionate about are the protection of biodiversity and endangered/threatened species, education and [public] awareness, and human-wildlife conflict. 

I'm a career switcher based in the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States, which has PLENTY of biotech/pharmaceutical companies. For the past few years, I had been working in laboratory animal husbandry, since that's what's abundant in the area with regard to all of these companies, but it was never what I wanted to do, professionally. After multiple short stints in this field, I decided to finally close the door on laboratory work, and open the door to my "true calling" of wildlife conservation. Currently, I'm a volunteer writer for the New England Primate Conservancy, a website where people of any age and any background can learn all about the world's primates and their conservation needs. I absolutely LOVE it... but I just wish it was a paid full-time position! 🤪

I'm open to hybrid/in-person opportunities in the Greater Boston Area, but remote positions anywhere! I also have a particular knack for writing and, even more-so, [wildlife] photography. I've even had some of my photography credited and published! I believe that capturing the beauty of wildlife through writing and photography can help promote them and their conservation needs. I hope to gain many connections being part of the WILDLABS community, and ultimately, secure a full-time position within the realm of wildlife conservation! Attached, you'll find my networking document, which lists my relevant skills and experience, as well as a list of organizations I'm open to working in (including, but not limited to those listed).

Happy to be here, and happy to connect!

SW Networking Doc.pdf

Hi Sienna, I'm in the Worcester area and always keep an eye on positions nearby for my students. I recommend adding Mass Audubon to your list (currently searching for a land conservation fellow). Also, many towns search for conservation agents/administrators to assist their conservation commission. Museum of Science, the Boston Aquarium, as well as many smaller science museums / zoos (e.g., Ecotarium in Worcester), are frequently hiring for both full-time and temporary positions. Feel free to contact me in private!