discussion / Acoustics  / 4 March 2024

AI for Conservation!

Hi everybody!

I just graduated in artificial intelligence (master's) after a bachelor's in computer engineering. I'm absolutely fascinated by nature and wildlife and I'm trying to find a job in which my studies and my passion for nature can meet. I'm really not sure what to look for, so if someone could give me a little help it would be extremely appreciated. I worked as a volunteer at a sea turtle conservation center in Costa Rica and I loved everything about it. I would be interested to start as an intern or perhaps even go for a PhD in any field related to conservation or wildlife. Of course I would love to work on site, wherever in the world it might be :)

Welcome, Have you considered participating in any of the AI for Good challenges. I find it is good way to build a nice portfolio of work. Also contributing to existing open source ML projects such as megadetector or to upstream libraries such as PyTorch is good way to getting hired. 




We could always use more contributors in open source projects. In most open source companies Red Hat, Anaconda, Red Hat and Mozilla, people often ended up getting hired largely due to their contributions on open source projects. These contributions were both technical such as writing computer code and non-technical such as writing documentation and translating tools in their local language.