discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 31 October 2016

Accelerators For Wildlife Conservation Apps?


Does anyone know if there are any accelerator programs that focus on assisting with the development of wildlife conservation apps? Particularly ones that are not solely focused on wildlife crime?

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I have never been apart of a hackathon so I am not sure if it would be what I am looking for or not. I have always thought hackathons were for just one day, is that right? I was thinking of something more longterm, like a tech accelerator program that you usually see for startups. These programs help tech startups get their ideas off of the ground through monetary support, connections and mentoring. Some examples might be Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Techstars. Does that give you a better idea of what I am looking for?

Hi Megan,

I don't know such program, but my team and I are working on a "safe communities app" that might interest you. 

It's basic function is to share information on a map about observations or threats, where possible in real-time. Meaning or subsequent action can be discussed amongst the group members through a chat function, while the location of the responders can also be viewed on the map. Moreover, field sensors such as camera-traps can be connected and used to create alerts as well. And like Whatsapp, the project environment is secured of course ;-)

If you have ideas about functions that are useful for rangers or other environmental protectors in the field, we could discuss them and see if we could incorporate them,

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Jan Kees