discussion / Camera Traps  / 9 April 2017

Mesh camera trap network?

Does anyone have something to share about wireless camera traps that make use of a mesh-network type of architecture. One such solution, BuckeyeCam allows cameras to route images through each other or a dedicated repeater. Does anyone have experience with these?

Hi caseyslaught,

I've been working with wireless camera traps & backhaul (IRIDIUM / WiFi) for a number of years (ZSL Senior Tech Specialist) so should be able to assist. What do you have in mind?

I'm currently a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow and exploring access to open, affordable conservation technologies, of which ultra affordable camera trapping is on the agenda so we may have some scope to prototype a few concepts if you're looking to setup a network.


Hi Casey, 

I've not heard fantastic things about the Buckeye system - it seems limited by transmission range, especially in the forested+undulating terrain it sounds like you'll be deploying in. Perhaps < 100 m range (though you can buy directional yagi antennas to help with this).

I think @Redfoxmeek has done some trials with the Buckeyes in Australia and will be able to advise.

Cheers, Ollie


We got a Buckeye x80 to test. Its fast, but the image quality is low and we has some issues with schedules when trying to do a timelapse. Range in rainforest is about 100m - not enough! I'm yet to find a system that will work for us with decent performance even with solar panel and an antena above the canopy. Hope something new comes along soon!

We are working on that, developing our own cameras. Take a look to: