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Global Fishing Watch: New Release Online Now

Global Fishing Watch Beta Release 2.0 is Here!

Global Fishing Watch has launched a new version of the interactive map that includes new features and coverage of 60,000 vessels, an increase of more than 70%. The new release adds improved ability to customize the map view and share your work.

Beta Release 2.0 has been developed in response to some great feedback they have been getting from our registered users since we launched in September.

As a registered user, you can now:

  • Upload a custom layer and overlay your data onto the Global Fishing Watch interactive map.
  • Generate and download a report of fishing activity data within selected marine protected areas, Exclusive Economic Zones, or Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, over a selected time period.
  • Filter results to display commercial fishing vessels by the country in which they are registered and see multiple nations in one view.
  • Automatically revisit vessels you selected in previous sessions.

Access to the map has also been expanded:

  • Basic map features will be available without registration.
  • All map users will be able to embed their customized workspaces into third-party websites for public sharing.

Check out the new map today. Are you using Global Fishing Watch in your work? I'm interested to hear examples of situations where it has helped in on the ground conservation. If you are using GFW please share your experiences.  


I'd be interested in gathering people's thoughts on this tool as a means of monitoring fishing related threats in small-scale community-led LMMAs/MPAs...it only incorporates Automatic Information Systems (AIS) data at the mo, so only captures very big vessels but looks like it is set up to monitor any tracked vessel in the future.

More widely, interested to hear if others think that national fisheries agencies are likely to perceive the benefits of increased transparency through tools like GFW as well as if that increased transparency/visibility of fisheries will lead to greater compliance....

Funnily enough, GFW announced last week a really encouraging step forwards - the Indonesian govt has collaborated with them to be the first country to make their VMS data publically available - http://globalfishingwatch.org/indonesia-vms It will be really interesting to see if others follwo suit... There's still the issue of the smaller boats of the inshore fleets, but there is a ground-swell of projects using mobile phone technology to address this as well.

I'm interested to hear more about anyone who's been able to test GFW against other similar initiatives - Pew's Eyes on the Seas, and Digital Globe's  Insight Explorer - it feels a little like there is a VHS/Betamax style play-off at the moment!

Andy, you've neatly pre-empted a communication from GFW that just landed in my inbox (see below). They're hosting two webinars about their VMS data, and it may well answer some of the questions raised in this thread. Are either of you (or anyone else) planning on attending? If so, perhaps you'd report back on the discussion? 


Indonesian VMS Data: What Is It and How Can You Use It?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 • 10:00 pm EST
ThursdayJune 29, 2017 •  12:00 pm EST

Presenters:  Aaron Roan, Data Scientist, SkyTruth; Samantha Emmert, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Global Fishing Watch


Join us for an in-depth discussion of the recently-released Indonesian VMS data in Global Fishing Watch, led by Data Scientist Aaron Roan. Participants will learn how to interpret the VMS data, as well as the many new features offered in Global Fishing Watch beta 2.0, and have the opportunity to ask questions about our data. This 45-minute webinar will explore how to: 

  • Understand newly-published Indonesian VMS data
  • Download fishing activity reports for EEZs, MPAs, or RFMOs
  • Upload your own custom layer over our fishing activity map
  • Use other new features in Global Fishing Watch

Come prepared with your questions.


Space is limited, so register now to ensure a spot.

UPDATE: A recording of the webinar is available here. Lasts about 45 mins. 





You beat me to it :) I will try to ctach on eof those sessions and report back - in the meantime for those interested the Digital Globe team did a webinar on Insight Explorer via OpenChannels a while back: https://www.openchannels.org/webinars/2017/demonstration-digitalglobe-insightexplorer-marine-mapping-program-and-its-iuu-fishing The predictive element gives an interesting edge to their IUU solution - but on the flipside it comes at $$$ cost....