discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 14 August 2018

Mobile App Comparison Table

Hi All,

I am currently working with the BirdLife Forestry department in order to develop a capacity building reference document that summarises different data collection and analysis applications. The aim of the document is to provide our partners with a comparisson of the various data apps in order to implement the best app based on what they want to measure and analyse. The table includes apps that had been suggested to me and is by no means an extensive list. I would like to get some opinions and feedback on the data I have collated, first hand experiences and any other useful apps that I should research that can be distributed for use by BirdLife partners. This is a draft table that I have composed and is not a reflection of mine or BirdLife's opinions but a collation of data I have collected from various resources. Any input on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Shannon 


Hi Shannon,

The table looks pretty good to me.

A lot of what you have there is focused on the user and data collection. Do you need to also comment on the design and management of the system? Eg skill and training requirement for the data collector is really important but also for the data manager and app developer/customiser? This might lead into whether there is a difference between each system in ongoing costs and maintenance that will impact on your choice for the organisation over time. For short projects this may not matter so much but for long term projects this will be really important.

A couple of other apps which are getting used more widely for land management/biodiversity data collection by rangers in Australia include Avenza PDF maps, Fulcrum, Arc Collector, and of course there are the various bespoke citizen science style apps.

Hope that helps, Cheers