discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 17 April 2019

Creating a wifi hotspot in a remote site

Can anyone offer advice on setting up a wifi hotpot for a team based on a very remote, flat, treeless island? I'm looking at a few options, including the following link, but would appreciate advice from anyone who has tried doing this. Our team will be in the field for 2-3 months (eradicating invasive alien species) and it's important for safety and morale that they can communicate with the outside world. Needless to say there is no mobile phone coverage here but we do have a uninterrupted view of the sky! Thank you


Hi Jenny,

Do you mind sharing the specific place they will be stationed or name of the country so that we can assist you to check out a good solution for your team?

Hi Jenny,

You can try to get a satellite sim card from the local area and a satellite router/device that can accommodate the satellite sim card. The Inmarsat is one of them. Perhaps the local providers at that area can advise as well.

I'm checking online on who could be the best satellite provider around that area.

In Kenya, we use one named (Moja) https://www.brck.com/moja/