discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 27 August 2019

OpenSource Drag and Drop Windows 10 software builder

Hi all,

I recently published research showing photographs + gps tracks from tourists on safari can be used to give density estimates comparable to other commonly used approaches in Africa.

I’m working with a safari company to trial this project across several of their camps.  And to do so, I’m looking to create really simple software that tourists can use to self-transfer across their images (taken on their cameras) and gps tracks (taken by a mini-GPS logger) to a laptop.

Does anyone know of a free drag-and-drop windows 10 software builder?  Functionality-wise, I don’t need the software to do much (rough mock-up attached).  It’s essentially a nice user-interface to streamline the process of users transferring images from SD cards (+ ideally GPS tracks from loggers), which will hopefully increase conversion. 

Any ideas?  It has to be offline because wifi at the camps will be intermittent.  And it has to be for a pc/laptop (i.e. not a mobile phone app).  

Also, for anyone interested, the published research: