discussion / Marine Conservation  / 17 March 2020

Machine learning fish monitoring and the seafood sector

Hi all,

Here at FFI, we've had some interest from seafood and aquaculture sector contacts in Google X's recently launched Tidal project and the whole camera-based, algorithm-driven fish monitoring space.

Keeping in mind the well-made point by @skatewing on Twitter (re: siloing of this type of tech and the existence of several precedents already: https://twitter.com/kwing/status/1235231285330624512), are there people within the community that are working on this and who might want to explore new partnerships in the seafood sector? 



Do the people approaching you have defined porblem statements or use cases? That's been one of the biggest challenges in scaling high-tech fisheries monitoring from either the public or private side. Unless there's a mandate to use it (which there is in Australia and the EU) the ROI is usually too low for individuals or companies to invest in it, and the potential markets are too small. Check out this CEA/TNC report for more scoping. http://tnc.org/emreport