Module 3.1: Programming Basic Functionality

Hi WildLoggers,

We're just about ready to share our next module with all of you! We have a little announcement regarding this module: Because there are so many videos in Module 3, we've decided to split it into two sections, each consisting of several sub-modules. 

Tomorrow, we'll be uploading the first sub-module for Module 3, and two more sub-modules will be released later this week.

This also means we'll be shifting our Office Hours focuses starting on December 22nd - that event will cover the first half of this module. This will give you more time to work through this material in-depth before we drop the second half. We'll let you know when the next batch of videos are live - but you can always subscribe to our Youtube to find out right away!

As always, use this thread to ask any questions to Akiba and Jacinta, work through the material together, and share your progress!

If you can't attend the first of our Module 3 Office Hours (register here if you'd like to join us!), we'll make sure Akiba and Jacinta answer it in the Q&A recording, or get back to you in this thread.

And of course, if you're not registered for the full course yet, make sure you sign up here to recieve all of our event invites and reminders when new modules go live.

See you in the lab!