discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 27 October 2023

Payment for ecosystem services - mobile money case study?

Hello everyone! 

I'm writing an article for the GSMA's flagship annual report on the intersection of mobile money and payment for ecosystem services. 

I'm looking to explore if/how the expansion of mobile money has facilitated PES and how direct financial incentives are helping to protect natural resources + route funding to local communities.

For example, Fairtree in East Africa's 'pay-to-grow' system uses mobile money payment systems  offered by established mobile network operators (from MTN, Safaricom, etc) to make digital payments to growers, increasing the ease of use and trust in the pay-to-grow system. Vice versa, as growers already use their local mobile money provider, Fairtree is better able to vet new growers.

I would love some strong case studies to profile and would be very grateful for any suggestions for within the network! 

Many thanks,