Conservation Dogs

(Open Group)

In recent decades, dogs' use has exploded, expanding from military and law enforcement's previously exclusive use into supporting conservation and environmental surveys. Conservation dog teams now provide scat, reptile, aquatic species, whale scat, and invasive plant detection, and plenty more. This expansion of use is partly due to refined training techniques that offer a broader capability in very specialized detection roles, and partly due to more people seeing the capabilities and benefits of trained dogs.

Specifically, the utilization of dogs in conservation has experienced a considerable increase in recent years as people realize what the capability brings to the field survey arena. The benefits of dogs offering enhanced detection to support surveys includes:

Speed of search

Covering large areas effectively

Proven detection capability 

Calibrated on a variety of species, if required

Accuracy in the detection of targets and ignoring similar non-target specimens

And easy to transport to survey sites.

Whether you train, handle, use, or are interested in finding out more about conservation dogs, this is the community for you. 

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