Early Career

(Open Group)

While many of our most active members are experienced leaders in their fields, early career members make up an important and underutilized part of the WILDLABS community. As the next generation of conservation technologists, often the ones deploying tech in the field and doing the tedious work that drives innovation, you have valuable insights to contribute. 

By failing to engage early career members, the conservation tech community misses out on young and new talent from both sectors. Aspiring conservationists have long lacked a centralized place to connect and share resources, and young developers are rarely exposed to opportunities to apply their skills in conservation work.  

This group exists to empower early career voices to articulate your needs and skills, and to facilitate information and resource sharing. This space is yours, so use it! 

Talia Speaker is the Early Career Group Manager. Get in touch if you have any questions or ideas about the group.