Human Wildlife Conflict Tech Challenge

(Open Group)

In India alone, an average of 400 people and 100 elephants are killed every year as a result of human-wildlife conflict. In the past four years, 101 people have also lost their lives to tigers in India. In the Arctic, hundreds of ‘conflict polar bears’ have been killed over the last two decades. These species are all listed as vulnerable or endangered on the IUCN Red List.

We need better solutions - and we need your help! If you're an engineer, designer, innovative thinker or maker, WWF and WILDLABS challenge you to create new or improved tools to prevent conflict between humans and wildlife. If you come up with the best solution, we'll support you with a prize of 30,000 EUR to further develop and test your idea in the field.

This group is a space for challenge participants to connect directly with the field conservationists who work at the frontlines of human-wildlife conflict. Use the specific elephant, tiger and polar bear case threads to ask questions that come up during your design process, call for collaborators, or to find out more about human wildlife conflict.