Module 4: Tying It All Together

Hi everyone, 

Module 4 is now available! Please use this thread to ask any questions that pop up as you work your way through this module. 

In Module 4, we tie together everything we’ve learned so far into a functional datalogger application. We’ll be implementing the temperature and humidity sensor, realtime clock, analog digital converter, SD cards, PIR motion sensor, and command line interface to implement a test version of our datalogger. We’ll then test it for functionality and check that we have things in the desired format.

In the second part of this module, we learn that everything fails and why it’s important to prepare for this. We’ll add additional safety checks to prevent what we can, diagnostic logs for documenting errors after the fact, and error codes which will be important for both fieldwork and forensic studies when a device fails in the field. 

This module will be code heavy since we’re not introducing any new concepts, but integrating a lot of things together.

Happy building! 


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