camera trap sensor zones - how much is hardware and how much firmware

Hello all

The passive infrared sensors on camera traps differ between makes and models and some of them are heavily biased towards movement in certain directions - Reconyx for example is strongy biased to movement across the bottom half of the field of view, which means that an animal can walk stright towards or away from a Reconyx camera and only be detected when it is less than 2m away.

Some of the detection zone arrangement depends on the hardware of the fresnel lenses that are moulded into the window in front of the PIR sensor, and the number and arrangement of sensors on the PIR (usually only 2 or 4 as far as I know - the fresnel elements make the heat image jump from one to another as the target moves smoothly across the field of view). To trigger an image capture there must also be some logic processing of the rising and falling signals from the PIR zones - does anyone know, for any camera trap, whether this is firmware (i.e. in principal it could be modified) or is it likely to be locked into the hardware of the chips ?

Thanks, Peter 

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