Cambridge Meetup, 9th February 2017: Contribute to the first draft of the 'Getting Started Using Drones Guidelines'

The first WILDLABS Meetup in Cambridge, UK for 2017 comes off the back of this discussion in the drones group. 

Anyone who has an interest in helping hash out a first draft for the proposed 'Best Practise for Using Drones for Conservation Guidelines', we will be meeting at: 

10-12 noon, Thursday 9th February in Room 1.39 of the David Attenborough Building

We'll discuss how we plan to proceed (including inviting other participants) and thrash out some substantive content. Please feel free to come along. The agenda will be as follows:

  • Intro + purpose 
  • Engagement with key users
  • Core content + structure + style 
  • Breakout active document development (1 hour)
  • Next steps - opening up to WILDLABS community input

Hope to see you there.