HWC Tech Challenge - Polar Bear Case

Join the Human Wildlife Conflict Tech Challenge!

In the Arctic, hundreds of polar bears have been killed over the last two decades as a result of human-wildlife conflict. You can help prevent this. 

WWF and WILDLABS challenge you to develop a new, or improved, technology tool to reduce such interactions between humans and carnivores like polar bears and tigers. The winning solution will receive a prize of up to 30,000 EUR each. With this prize, you will refine your solution and field test it with the support of WWF's landscape teams.

The Challenge

Develop / improve a robust early detection tool for polar bears, that can cope with the Arctic environment, is affordable on local level, is easily accessible and operated and requires little maintenance.

Why an Early Detection Tool? 

An early detection tool would give people time to respond effectively to an approaching bear. They are no longer surprised by an encounter and will have more time to choose the best response in order to prevent escalation into conflict.

Ready to develop your idea? 

If you have an idea that could address this challenge, make sure you visit our detailed HWC Tech Challenge Polar Bear Case. It's packed full of background information about the challenge, local conditions, present solutions, and suggested but not yet developed solutions for early warning systems for polar bears. In essence, all the information you need to inform your tool design process. 

If you have questions about the polar bear case, require more information, or have an idea but need collaborators, this is the place for you! Post a reply below and we'll make sure you get the information you need.