Get registered~ Zoohackathon 2017 is around the corner!

We are hosting the 2nd Zoohackathon which will take place on September 22-24 in Chicago and San Diego and October 6-8 in London and New Delhi.  Registration is live at all sites - so we hope that if you are in one of these areas, you help spread the word and come out and join us! 

Last year, the State Department and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums launched the inaugural “Zoohackathon” to address the global threat of wildlife trafficking. This hackathon occurred at U.S. and international zoos around the world and brought wildlife experts, coders, technologists, and programmers together to develop tech solutions to stop wildlife trafficking.  Wildlife trafficking – the illegal poaching, transit, trade and sale of wildlife – is the world’s fourth largest transnational crime and is worth tens of billions of dollars a year.

The full details of the program are on our website: