Comparisons: Close-up Lenses for Camera Traps

Hey Guys!

We're setting up a camera trap within a woodpile to see what mammals enter/exit the nesting box we've included there. For this purpose, we'd need a camera trap with a close focus lense as well as the ability to download the data from the camera via USB cable (since the camera won't be accessible once its installed in the wood pile).

  • Bushnell NaureView (119740) does have a close up lense included but does not support downloading data via USB
  • Bushnell TrophyCam (119874) does support downloading data via USB but does not have a close up lense included.

Does anybody have a solution the solves both problems? What would help a lot would be if there was a attachable close up lense that can be bought seperatly, but I haven't found any yet.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Using a wireless transfer (WLAN / GSM) of the images is not an option

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