Mataki-LITE: lessons learned from petrel tracking (Part II: Base-stations)

Dear all, 

I recently used Mataki-LITE GPS tags (Debug Innovations, Cambridge, UK) and I thought it would be helpful to share the set-up I used for the base-stations, since this Community had questions about the Mataki system. The project received support from Voltaic Systems so this information is also available on their blog. 

From April 10 to 25, I partnered with Grupo Jaragua, a Dominican conservation NGO, to track the foraging movements of Black-capped Petrel (Diablotin, Pterodroma hasitata) through a conservation grant by the Neotropical Bird Club. I used 3.5-g Mataki-LITE loggers with 3.7-g 150mAh Li-ion battery, on a 30-minute schedule and with a scripted-in geofence for base-station communications. See deployment details in this other WildLabs post. The GPS logs were to be collected each time a bird visited the colony and were stored in the base-station’s 32Mb flash memory.

Base-station hardware:
– Mataki-CLASSIC (Debug Innovations)
– 1040 Micro Case (Pelican)
– V44 USB battery pack (12,000mAh, 44Wh: Voltaic Systems)

– UHF omnidirectional antenna (Taoglas, 916mHz)
– 5V-3.7V step-down regulator (with micro USB input) (eBay), with 1000µF capacitor added over regulator output
– 5.5W solar panel, mounting bracket and cables (Voltaic Systems)
– Sugru and 2-part epoxy (waterproofing)