Are you working on an open-source project? Tell us about it + link to your github repository

Hi wildlabbers, 

Ahead of our next series of Virtual Meetups, we want to do a bit of landscape mapping and figure out who is working on open source projects and what these are. So, please drop a comment below if this is you, tell us bit about the project and definitely include a link to a github repository so we can all find out more about your work. if there are things you need help with or ways people can get involved feel free include this info as well. 

I imagine we'll pull these all together into our github repository so they're easy to find ( @joenash  is keen for us to follow this community convention), and also link all the projects as part of the notes accompanying the virtual meetups. So consider this a good chance to shamelessly plug what you're working on and get enthusastic eyes (either users or contributors) on your work.  

We've also got a final speaker position to fill in our opening meetup (though we do have some ideas), so we're going to be keeping an eye out for interesting projects to potentially feature more prominently. 

Looking forward to learning more about your work!