Starting an Open Source DataLogger Project

Hi everyone. 
We're starting an open source datalogger project (yet another) for general purpose sensing and data collection we do here at hackerfarm. It will be used for animal population surveys as well as collecting data on how much sunlight and the intensity certain areas get. The main purpose for this datalogger is to be networked so there will be wireless communications and also an optional GPS for location information and to correct the real time clock at specific intervals. A rough feature list is:

  • Arduino compatible
  • Low power
  • Solar w/rechargeable batteries
  • SD card
  • Real time clock
  • Optional GPS
  • Precision voltage reference
  • Grove connectors
  • Waterproof IP65/67 enclosure
  • 900 MHz Wireless radio (802.15.4)
  • Communication range of 1-5 km

Some options we're on the fence about are:

  • Supporting other frequency ranges (2.4 GHz, 433 MHz)
  • LoRA support
  • External high precision Analog Digital Converter, ie: 12 or 16-bit or even possibly 24- bit
  • External programmable gain amplifier

Since we're going to design it from scratch anyways, if there's interest in spinning something specifically for wildlife conservation and required features needed for that, let us know. It would be great to contribute some open source conservation tech to the community. Any suggestions, ideas, comments, or feedback are welcome.


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