9-axis sensors for tracking tiny animals

Hi everyone! I study bird behavior and am interested in tracking technologies that could be miniature enough for hummingbirds. I know of radiotags that can be used, but very small 9-axis sensors were recently brought to my attention. This seems like it could have enormous potential for tracking 3D movements at a fine scale.

So, I started looking through the literature to see how this has been used, but I can't seem to find much at all besides it's use as a suppliment to a GPS system when satellites couldn't be reached. That's very surprising to me given how these sensors are very tiny, and use very little energy (as far as I understand). Basically, I'm trying to figure out what "the catch" is. Why don't more people use them? I know there tends to be drift over time but I haven't been able to figure out how innacurate things can get.

If anyone has experience with 9-axis sensors I would love your input! Many thanks!

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