Drone flight in Indonesia

Hi all,

I am looking for any information on obtaining a drone permit to fly a drone in Indonesia. The drone is a HeavyLift 178 Wingcopter drone,with sensors:

1. To my understanding, it is possible to fly a drone in Indonesia under 150m, without a license. I was hoping that someone in the wildlabs community might be able to help me understand if the activities we would like to use the drone for can be done below 150m. The activities are:

  • Monitoring forest and land fires
  • Aerial verification of village and concession border mapping
  • Mapping vegetation structure
  • Canopy cover surveys and biomass stock monitoring
  • Monitoring illegal logging encroachment activities and land cover change
  • Monitoring of tiger andrey migration
  • Mapping and monitoring tiger habitat connectivity

2. What is the process and cost of obtaining an Indonesian drone license?

3. What is the process and cost of obtaining an Indonesian pilot license?

Thanks so much, any help in getting this information or suggestion of how I could get it will be much appreciated!

Sophie Kirklin

Project Liason Officer-KELOLA Sendang

Conservation Programmes, ZSL

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