Virtual Meetup Discussion: Tools and Spaces for Collaboration

Hi everyone, 

We're just a few hours away from our next virtual meetup, this one will be all about Tools and Spaces for Collaboration. We'll hear from our three speakers, Lou Woodley, Corinne Pitts, and @shahselbe  , who will set the scene. This time we're also going to have short presentations from @hikinghack  and @Damian who are running local makerspaces. We'll then open up the floor for some open discussion to dig into the topic at hand. Remember, you can stil join us byl registering here!

Ahead of meetup we're starting this thread to share the main questions we're seeing come in as people register. These themes will shape the open discussion in the second half of the session, so it should give you a bit of an idea of what you're going to see come up this meetup. 

The big questions we're seeing: 

The Overarching Question: How do we as the WILDLABS Conservation Tech community collaborate? What's needed, how can we have bigger impact?

  • How do we turn thousands of WILDLABS members into even more of a conservation problem solving force to be reckoned with? (Australia)

How do we create/facilitate collaboration?

  • What are the go to technologies at the moment for developing collaborative spaces. (Belgium)
  • European network coordination requires state of the art tech to remain appealing & dynamic. How can I strengthen my collaboration with an EU network during in-person meetings & webinars? (Belgium)
  • I co-founded a co-working/makerspace and have a long-term interest in helping people make and share tech, etc. How to connect maker communities to science communities, when it's no-one's "job" to build the links? (UK)
  • I work on tools and spaces internally in the organization -- would love to learn more about the bigger picture. What new ways of collaborating and innovating are out there? (USA)
  • Ideas and how to best connect/link between existing and upcoming collaboration platforms efficiently. (Switzerland) 
  • How do we encourage conservation agencies to collaborate on tools like #WildEye, at (South Africa)

How do we best participate in collaborative efforts?

  • I want to meet people and collaborate, how we can connect efficiently with people of all around the world? (Mexico)
  • Find others and spaces to collaborate, brainstorm, apply for funding and run small-scale projects that can be used for field work (Sweden)
  • I'm involved with a civic code group in Oakland and want to see how others are approaching the deployment of technology. how can we make the biggest difference with our code (USA)
  • I know how online collaboration can work for programmers, but I don't know how (well) it works for other tech fields.(UK)

Local labs, decentralising/democratising knowledge/tech

  • How can better support local communities in the field to become makers and users of tool spaces? (UK)
  • Are there any Conservation Technology Labs out there? How are they being utilized? What kind of operational models do they have? (Kenya)
  • Learning about tools for community engagement for fauna and flora monitoring UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. (Lebanon)
  • How can we go about appropriating the technology at hand for local communities? (Namibia)

Other discussion points carry forward from the last meetup about open-source tools:


  • Options for collaborative frameworks to support the roll-out of new biodiversity surveillance and monitoring technologies. (UK)
  • How do you suggest finding collaborators who have the time and resources to help early-career researchers use open-source tech? (Switzerland)
  • How can greater and transparent collaboration across org's develop and deploy more low-cost/open-source solutions? (UK)

Sustainability and mobilising community

  • I’m developing open source, low cost drones for conservation. How to do financially sustain the development of open source projects, and build a community around them. (Spain)
  • What models can open source innovators rely on to spread their products and reach users? (UK)
  • How these low-cost tools achieve scale and/or are funded (USA)
  • Open source business models and community building. (USA)
  • How can we rally the open-source community around camera trap work? (USA)
  • How do groups using open-source make reproduction of their products feasible for others? (USA)

I think this is going to be an interesting discussion, i hope you'll join us and help dig into these questions. 


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