Database Design for Wildlife Enforcement

Hello Wild Labs Community!

I'm seeking advice on designing a generic database for wildlife enforcement. 

A big issue I encounter in my work with the government of Trinidad and Tobago, and elsewhere previously, is that there is no generic database for under-funded wildlife management agencies to use for entry and analysis of data on hunting permits, animal possession permits, and charged offences. For instance, if I were to ask the government here for statistics on what sort of offences were charged in 2018 (e.g., illegal dumping, hunting in closed, possession of protected animal), it would take weeks to get that information, if not longer as the data is often kept on paper or in messy excel sheets. Similarly, if I wanted to see the hunting permit history of a recently charged hunter, or the relationship between hunters and owners of permitted pet wildlife, it would take ages. My perspective is these issues could be resolved with a simple database design that allows customization given each agency's legal jurisdiction.

I would love to create this, but I need to find someone with some proper skill in data architecture and coding, and with some interest in working pro bono or in helping generate the funding to execute.  This also might be an interesting module to consider for SMART, as a lot of LE data is of course generated by patrols, but it doesn't appear that it yet allows for the incident-offender-offence data structure common to enforcement databases/statistics.

Any insight would be much appreciated!

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