Ecology/Technology Artist & Freelancer; Hi!

I am a writer, artist and creative technologist that has worked on the intersection of social issues, AI and ecology for about 10+ years. My portfolio is here:, as well as my most recent project (it’s a machine learning to ARVR nature project).

For my day job, I used to tutor technology to gifted students with learning differences, but now I’m in the process of shifting over to working in conservation technology.

My specific interests are in using deep-learning for ecological sensing vis-a-vis semi-autonomous vehicles, as well as the recapitulation of findings in VR and citizen science in AR; I actually already have experience programming in all these different areas (except for robotic control, going to try that soon...).

In addition to programming, I have experience building partnerships, communicating projects, doing technical writing and researching technologies and initiatives. I can wear many hats to support the projects I believe in! Here is my resume: .

I’m currently looking to meet people, to see if there is a needs/skills match, as well as personal sympathy/connection, in order to begin freelancing (for starters though, if necessary, I’d be happy to volunteer). I was very excited to discover wildlabs and have just started to read about people's projects!

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