COVID Cameratrap Comparison Collaboration: Call for Data

Hi everyone, 

Alongside the earlier request for tracking datasets (here), there is now a similar initiative looking at the impacts of covid in camera trap datasets. @cburton   and @Rolandisimo   are leading this project, more from roland here: 

COVID Cameratrap Comparison Collaboration:
If you have camera trap data from same sites before/after COVID, or some really interesting comparisons of sites after COVID with different changes in human use, please sign up to join our study on this subject

— Roland Kays (@RolandKays) September 22, 2020

About the project:

Measuring wildlife responses to the Covid-19 lock down using camera traps​

We seek to document changes in animal behaviour and habitat use before, during, and after COVID-19 lockdowns across geographic regions and land use types (e.g. gradients of urbanization, protected area status). We thank you for indicating your interest in being part of this effort.

We would greatly appreciate if you can answer the following questions about the status of your data collection and your project's sampling design. Please be as specific as possible in answering the questions. Also, we ask that you fill out separate surveys for each project, or note in final comments if combining details of multiple surveys in the same geographic region.

For information regarding data structure, data sharing and the anticipated timeline of this project, please refer to the attached document "Summary of proposed collaborative project",

If you have questions/concerns, contact Cole Burton or Roland Kays - emails through the link