Are you attending SMART Global Congress 2024?

Hi everybody!

Are you attending SMART Global Congress 2024 in early March?

I will be in Namibia for the entire duration of the congress, representing WILDLABS, and would be very happy to have the opportunity to meet you in person! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

yes indeed!

I'm  doing a talk about Audiomoths, Arbimon and Birdnet on Tuesday afternoon;  certainly up for helping get exposure (and learning a ton) about the spectrum of Wildlabs stuff going on.

Maybe I'll dig out my RPi device too.


Hi Adrien. Happy to set up time to talk with folks from SMART if you like.

Rich (SMART Steering Committee Chair)


@Adrien_Pajot , I'm looking forward to meeting you and other members of the community here in Windhoek next week. It will be great to explore the frontiers of conservation technology with you all. Safe travels!