BYO Data Logger: Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the Build Your Own Data Logger virtual course! We're so excited to see such a great group of regular Wildlabbers and newcomers joining us for our first virtual course. 

Use this thread to say hello to your fellow course participants. Let us know where you're from, how you're involved in conservation tech, and what you'd like to build with us! We also hope you'll use this course to start collaborations and projects with each other, and this thread is a great place to find your future collaborators. 

We can't wait to get to know all of you - see you in the course!



Hello, I am a canine consultant and trainer specializing in detection. I have several conservation canine projects and love integrating technology with the dogs. I am based in San Antonio, Texas, USA although originally from the UK. I have several home built tech devices I have made to assist in training dogs as well as a very fancy olfactometer that a University built as we are collaberating on some research. I am wanting to get an understanding of using technology and hopefully intigrating it into training and deployments.


Hola a todos,

Estoy impaciente por comenzar este curso, que promete ser muy interesante

Trabajo en un centro de investigación forestal, en Cataluña, y colaboro en el diseño y la adaptación de dispositivos electronicos para el seguimiento de fauna

He trabajado principalmente con Audiomoth, Arduino y derivados, y estoy esperando la llegada del datalogger que proponeis en el curso, muy adecuado para estos propositos por todas las adaptaciones que incorpora

Salud !

Hi Everyone, I'm Jacinta.

Akiba and I are from Freaklabs and we'll be taking you through the course. We're so excited to meet you all, and see what kinds of applications you create out of it!

A little bit about Freaklabs and ourselves.

We develop open source hardware for wildlife research and environmental conservation, and collaborate / work with individual researchers, researchers institutes and organisations like UNESCO, International Rice Research Institute, and The World Bank.

Some of our projects include adding audio triggers to camera traps to monitor responses to predator/prey sounds in Africa, monitoring the water levels in rice paddies fields in Asia, monitoring the GPS and liquid levels in septage trucks to prevent illegal dumping into the Nile, and radiation monitoring in Japan.

I'm a developer, working on APIs and applications using Arduino and python. I'm interested in ecological restoration and biodiversty, and soil.

Akiba has over 25 years experience in electronics and product design, specialising in outdoor monitoring, wireless sensor networks and manufacturing.

Akiba and I move between Australia and Japan. In Japan, we run Hackerfarm (with a few others) and have a little farm and orchard.

We're looking forward to meeting everyone, and answering questions / supporting people, as we go through.



Hi I'm Lindy. I'm an intern with the WILDLABS team.  I'm from The Bahamas, and currently based in the UK. I'm not sure what yet to build, but the possibilities feel as though it may be endless.