discussion / Camera Traps  / 6 April 2022

Case Study: Cape Leopard Trust uses WildID to process camera trap image data


Find out how Cape Leopard Trust is using WildID to process their #cameratrap images (230 533 images in their latest annual Overberg survey), and do automatic detection and species identification.

They're focused on leopard density estimation and biodiversity monitoring for landscape-level conservation purposes, photo tracking of individual leopards, and human wildlife conflict mitigation and environmental education.

It was a real pleasure to work with their researchers on the image processing, and they drove out a lot of new features for WildID that will benefit other users. We also retrained the #speciesdetection model with new species for which they provided datasets, for example dassie and grysbok.

Find the case study and sample screeshots here: 


You can also read their article on the survey here:


Watch Part 1 of their "Cameras for Conservation" video series here (Setting up camera traps):

Part 2 (Processing camera trap data) of "Cameras for Conservation" video series: