discussion / Climate Change  / 30 June 2022

Climate Change AI Summer School - call for mentors

More info on the CCAI flyer here (doc also attached to the post).

"From August 15-26, CCAI will be hosting a ten-day virtual summer school. We are recruiting mentors to help guide research projects conducted by groups of summer school attendees! Mentors will be responsible for helping teams choose a project topic and providing advice throughout the duration of the summer school. Mentors should have experience working on at least one project at the intersection of AI and climate change, and have expertise in either AI or a climate change-related field. The goal of the mentors is to further foster cross-disciplinary collaborations and ultimately increase the quality and potential impact of the project."

Mentors are expected to spend around 10-15 hours in total advising teams on their projects in the summer school, with the time distributed throughout the summer school (e.g. daily 2 - 3 hour engagements). Honoraria is $1000 per project.

Application here.

CCAI Summer School Mentor Role Description (External).docx