discussion / Community Base  / 17 June 2022

Conservation Tech Career Pathways - what do you want to know? 

Hi wildlabbers, 

I made a casual comment in my post in the friday check in thread: 

This week I'm seeing a lot of questions coming up about career paths in #tech4wildlife. More than usual - which makes me wonder if it's time for us to do a proper series sharing different career paths people have taken into the sector (shout out if you want us to do this?)

I'm getting DMs about this full of ideas, so seems like having a proper thread to capture them is probably useful. 

This topic has been close to the top of the ideas pile for a long while - we ALWAYS hear questions about how to move from tech into conservation or what career pathways there are for early career people into our sector. Conservation Tech as a sector is so new and growing so quickly (e.g. see our State of Conservation Tech Report 2021) a lot of people have walked interesting routes to get into the work they're doing now. I'd love to do an event series, publication (e.g. like our Technical Difficulties series) or a regular community thing (live ask me anythings?) that gets into this topic. 

What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing this? What would be most useful? How do you think we should tackle it (i.e. format - events etc)? Who would you love to hear from? What questions do you want answered?