discussion / Camera Traps  / 28 January 2023

Deep Sea BRUVS Development

Hi everyone. Titus here from the Philippines.  We are currently working on creating a deep-sea dropcamera similar to Pau Anta's but modified for a BRUVS setup. We have most of the parts ready however we are having trouble sourcing out buoyancy foam that is depth rated to 450-500 meters. Would anyone happen to know where we can source these preferably within or close to the Philippines? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Hi Titus,

If the usual syntactic foam sources aren't available, an option may be to add an empty dry housing or use a larger housing for the BRUV, just to provide the buoyancy.

You can make your own syntactic foam from glass microballoons and epoxy resin, but this will require experimentation and testing.  For sub-surface buoyancy, you could also use a jerry can full of cooking oil, or a coil of polypropylene rope.