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Equipment Swap Meet/Giveaways

Hi all,

as Steph mentioned in a recent post, I'd like to offload some equipment I have at hand (a bunch of second-hand, but good quality 9603 Iridium modems and antennas plus some other stuff) to anyone able to get some use out of them, and that got us thinking a 'swap meet' or giveaway thread could be useful. So, here it is! I am thinking about all that equipment sitting in people's drawers and cupboards that they no longer need or use, that could go to a good home. Electronics hand-me-downs if you will...or, post with an idea of what equipment you could use in return for something you have. For example, I would like a short poem in return for the modems and antennas.

Also, if you have any old VHF collars that you can ship to me, I'd be keen to try and de-pot them if possible and share the scavenged transmitters around.

I'll have to do a more thorough list but here are some things I have to offer:

  • ~20 used 9603 Iridium modems (possibly more)
  • ~20 used Irdium patch antennas for above (possibly more)
  • ~40 used 2.4GHz 11dBi omnidirectional antennas
  • ~20 extension cables for the 2.4GHz antennas mentioned above

Let me know if you could use any of this stuff (and I'll have a look through everything else and post more stuff soon). 

Any other conservation hoarders need to 'Marie Kondo' their equipment (remember, to paraphrase Marie, if it doesn't give you joy anymore, you can let it go)?



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Hi Harold, ok I'll get in touch with Jenny, or feel free to let her know. We did a short-term koala monitoring project for a client that didn't want the equipment at the end...so it's their gift to everyone really!



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Hi Rob. 

If possible, I'd like to request one Iridium 9603 module and patch antenna. It'd be used to try and make a satellite communication sensor data aggregator along with the 3G one. I can pay shipping and if needed, can also pay a fair price for the module and antenna.