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I guess a number of you have used these in the past. They are very good GPS loggers and very affordable. have been working with the manufacturer and tested a new model with Bluetooth download and associated App and also solar charging. They have worked well and RSPB have deployed some on Gannets. Anybody keen to find out more or get hold of small volumes then drop me a line.

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Can I get the data through a gps service provider platform such as Argos?

Would it work in remote areas without telephone signal? Can be adapted to a water system?


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Hi Nigel, I am having difficulty what you are saying. Is it mean you are looking for the adoptee for the device? if so, we are down with it, we could use it for our turtles

Hi Nigel,

If you need more range than Bluetooth can offer, then our TagRanger Tags may work very well for you.  We have small 34x38x14mm versions of our off-the-shelf Tags suited to larger birds such as gannets, kitiwakes, gulls etc.


The Tags use LoRaWAN allowing you to communicate with your Tags in real time.  As well as requesting current GPS locations from long distances away  (>20km Line of Sight) you can also use the integrated ranging tools which give you distance to your Tag in metres when you get closer.  

Key features:

LoRaWAN (tested > 20km line of sight). Use a 'Finder' which is a handheld gateway or you can also use your own LoRaWAN network

UWB ranging gives distance (in metres) to the Tag up to 150m away

Hybrid Ranging combines the equivalent of a VHF pinger from up to 5km away (Line of Sight) with the UWB ranging when you get closer

Log Download remotely using UWB radio

The Tag can last for very long lifetimes depending on how you configure it, and they are rechargable and reusable.

Please drop me a line if you'd like any more information on this.