discussion / Community Base  / 4 July 2018

Introducing your new (beta) dashboard

Hi everyone, 

As some of you may have noticed, we've quitely gone live with a beta version of a new dashboard for WILDLABS today. You can access it right now by logging into WILDLABS and clicking through to your profile in the top right menu.

In your new dashboard, you'll find a whole new way of accessing all of the WILDLABS community - the conversations you're participating in or following, the groups you're a member of, the messages you're sending to other members, and now the resources you've saved to have easy access for later.

We've upgraded your profile page, giving you the capacity to add links to your project website, add projects you're involved in and include an rss feed from your personal or project blog. Have a look at my profile to see what this can look like, or check out some of our screenshots below. To update your profile, just click on the cogs underneath your name at the top of your new left hand menu. 

Finally, we've added a new 'explore' page which we'll be adding to over the next few weeks, and we hope this will make it a lot easier to discover what's happening from across the community.  And we've overhauled the member directory, giving you a lot more control over how to filter through members so you can discover and connect with the right people who can help solve your challenges. 

Ultimately, the aim of this dashboard it to make it a lot easier to find and navigate through all the fantastic members, conversations and projects you're sharing here on WILDLABS. And it's just the first part of our upgrade plan that we are looking forward to rolling out - hopefully it's going to transform your experience here and lead to even more productive conversations and collaborations.

While we're incredibly excited to finally give you access to a live dashboard, it's still an early version of the tool. There are going to be bugs, weird things that don't behave as you expect and things that are missing that you'd really like to have added in. Please let us know here in this thread what you think about all of these things! Your feedback at this stage will help us shape the dashboard and other new elements as we release new updates over the next few weeks and months. 

Thank you for your ideas, feedback and patience. We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  



Hi Steph,

Good job on the new dashboard! 

Two things that I just noticed:

- When hovering the mouse-pointer over a section in the left-hand bar, the pointer does not change to a hand: instead, it stays as a text-selector, which is counter-intuitive.

- When sending a personal message, although the message window appears on top of the dashboard, when clicking "Send" the user is redirected to a new page with the conversation history. That new page does not have options to go back to the dashboard. 

Hope this helps,


Hello Steph,

Good job on the new dashboard. Its amazing :).

Keep up the good work.


Damian .O.

Hi Steph, 

Is there a way to find all posts written by a user (myself or other users)? In user profiles, it would be great to have a tab with a list of public postings: could make it easier to find your own posts and look up somebody else's.