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Introduction and Networking

Hello Wildlabbers,

I'm Loveness Lamuel Mutungi, a female Tanzanian and a 2023 graduate from Sokoine University of Agriculture with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management. I'm new to this community and I'm thrilled to be here. I would really love to connect with you all, to interact with wildlife conservation professionals, environmental enthusiasts.

In the course of transitioning from school to work life, I'm currently hunting for internship and volunteering opportunities in the field of Conservation Science , so as I can be acquainted with hard skills and hands-on experience which will help me with my future career endeavors. 

Furthermore, I want to pursue a MSc in Conservation Science and I'm interested in getting a MSc scholarship. I'm currently applying for one and I would love to here more from you all about the available MSc scholarships out there in the same field. 

Please find my degree certificate, full transcript, and academic achievement below for your perusal. Thank you all for devoting your precious time in getting to know me. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone of you. Have a nice moment.

Degree certificate.pdf Degree Transcript.pdf Academic Achievement Award.pdf

Esther Githinji
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Hello and welcome to WILDLABS @loveness :) 

What a great intro to what you are doing and interested in pursuing! I'd like to help direct you to our resources page, where you can check out multiple open career and academic opportunities from across your region that are posted regularly by the community. Find our Resources page linked here. 

Which specific areas within conservation/conservation technology are you most interested in at the moment? We have over 32 specialised groups in our community you could explore here to help guide you as you go along your career journey :) 

Best wishes!