discussion / Emerging Tech  / 15 February 2016


Hello everyone - great to have this group and the interest in gaming for conservation. 

You may have already introduced yourself in other parts of WILDLABS, but I'd like to request a short introduction from everyone within the context of this group.

Please include the following so we can get some discussion going that is both relevent, interesting, and helpful to everyone.

Your area of concentration or interest in Gaming for Conservation
Topics of discussion that would interest you
How the Wild Labs community can help you and vice versa

Thank you and looking forward to learning more about everyone!

Group Manager
Founder - Internet of Elephants


Hi - my name is Rogue Marechal, founder of HAL-13, a game board publisher specifically interesting in connecting the gaming community to the world and challenges of wildlife conservation.

Our first game, Serengeti: A Race For Life is an attempt to raise players/consumers awareness to the importance of biodiversity, by emphasizing the need to study and protect a wide range of species, as a means to help the enrire ecosystem.

By joining this community, I’m hoping to gain useful insight into wildlife protection, to enrich my knowledge of this field, and feed it back into my game designs.