discussion / Climate Change  / 27 March 2024

Involve our young learners in climate change action.

I am to present a conference paper this June in Bulgaria. Title of the paper is  "Integrating geospatial techniques into learners' school curriculum to mitigate climate change" 

What is most exciting is that it is actually something we are working on and there is impact on the learners. 

Looking for funding for return ticket. $1820.

Here is link to the conference


I'll appreciate to be directed to individual/organization that can assist.

Why am I so passionate about children work? Because they are the beneficiaries of all the amazing work we are doing in here! 😀

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Hi Cathy

I can't help personally but on seeing your post reached out to a contact who's previously been involved in the British Cartographic Society in case they had any ideas. Their advice:

"I would suggest that she becomes a member of British Cartographic Society (£45 or so) and then writes for/becomes an editor. Then, she will be able to apply for a funding budget for travel... as long as she also writes about the conference! It's a bit long winded, but I am sure that just being an Editor would be an advantage to her anyway."

I hope that helps (or that you find an easier way to get to the conference :D ) - good luck!

Here's their website -