discussion / Acoustics  / 31 May 2023

ISO Speakers for Emerging Technologies class.

Hi Everyone, Apologies for posting across multiple groups.  I'm teaching a new course @ Clark University next semester on emerging technologies for conservation. The course is a seminar with some hands-on labs. I want students to hear from practitioners about the cool work you do in conservation using different techs. I'm covering RS/GIS, drones, acoustic, camera traps, animal tracking, eDNA, data collection software tools, AI for object detection. 

If you want to showcase your work to the class, we meet every Monday 9 to 11:50 EST from September 6 to December 11. If you are interested in doing a 15-20 min presentation on your work using any of the tech above (or other!!)  please let me know fsangermano @clarku.edu so we can coordinate a date and time that suits you! 


Flor Sangermano - Assistant Professor Geography- Clark University - https://wordpress.clarku.edu/fsangermano/

Definitely interested! I'm in the ecoacoustics/acoustic monitoring space, working at Rainforest Connection and Arbimon.