discussion / Software and Mobile Apps  / 4 November 2016

Kid-friendly wildlife apps

I am wondering if anyone could recommend a wildlife conservation / wildlife crime awareness app that is kid-friendly and resonates / would resonate with audiences in Vietnam (or more widely in SE Asia)? Thanks! 

Hi again Katarzyna!

Interesting question - there are lots of members working in this space that might be able to help, as a start:  

@Peter+Jacobs - is United for Wildlife working on anything for this audience? You outline a lot of examples in your case studies (here and here), and perhaps some of the other projects you're working on might be suitable? 

@mygshah - how about Internet of Elephants, are you planning on taking your games down a path that might be of interest?

@trang.nguyen - I wonder if you're aware of anything for your work with WildAct? 




Hi Katzyna, we have an app called Instant Wild where you can see camera trap images coming in and help identify what is in them - you can take a look/find out more at http://www.edgeofexistence.org/instantwild 


Hi Katzyna,

Not an app, but United for Wildlife are releasing a new free online course on the illegal wildlife trade on the 17th that has Vietnamese subtitles and transcripts available. The website with the course is here: http://learn.unitedforwildlife.org/ but the new course won't be live until the 17th. I am happy to send you some further information on this if you would like? 

Just let me know!