discussion / Remote Sensing & GIS  / 28 April 2021

Mapping natural capital on global food trade

I am looking for collaborators and donors, or I am offering myself as a collaborator for a Uni / research organisation, for a research mapping natural capital on food trade networks.

My background - I worked with harmonised system commodity classification to map global food trade networks with food products, and develop sustainability metrics to reflect the impact of logistic.

I am eager to extend this background to tackle sustainability, by mapping deplation of natural capital observed from space satellite (Earth science) to trade.

I am aware of outstanding projects (clearly biased on that :) ) that shares analogy in the mission and rationale (I don't know about the methodology). I think there's great potential and, not being affiliated to a University but interested in collaborations for which I feel intrinsically motivated, I am looking for opportunities to lay out a research (or at least MVP).

I can also contribute with product design and development, to present results.